Well Hearing is Well Being this Holiday Season

Staying connected to your loved ones is what makes the busy holiday season worth the effort. Whether you connect via telephone, video or in person, being connected is vital to your well-being. No one enjoys solitude during the holidays and suffering from hearing loss can often seem like its own form of isolation.

Social isolation can lead to depression and even cognitive decline and dementia. Our brains are similar to muscles in that they become weak with disuse. When we socialize, we exercise our brains in multiple ways, from recalling past events, to figuring out how something happened, to imagining a response to that age-old question, “What if?” Maintaining our social connections is important.

So, here are a few fun ideas to help you stay connected!

  • The easiest way is to plan a gathering. Be sure to choose a place with minimal background noise that allows for maximum conversation time, rather than a movie theater or concert hall. But make sure it’s a fun place, perhaps where everyone can play games.
  • Cooking is, in many ways, an act of love, love of the dish you’re making, love of the act of creating a meal and even the generosity of offering sustenance to loved ones. Why not plan for everyone to make a meal together that you will all get to enjoy? This is an easy way to share the love.
  • And finally, inventing a new tradition can be fun, especially if you’ve just received hearing aids! You can combine your renewed ability to hear with a new, fun holiday outing. The trick for choosing what to do is to make it fun and novel, but also something that everyone will enjoy.

Maintaining healthy social connections during the holidays is definitely a fun way to live a healthy lifestyle.